Volunteer Supporters from the community are a vital resource for any voluntary organization. Supporters breathe life and vitality into an organization. A beautiful thing about volunteering is that it has no age limit, no educational constraint and certainly no work experience All it requires is dedication to a cause, sincerity about the work one is doing and sustained effort. Volunteering opens up a world of possibilities and volunteers can and do almost anything.

We invite caring and compassionate persons to knock at our door and volunteer their services. There are endless range of activities for their involvement at THENDREL and the prospects exciting. Volunteers can assist our professional staff with their routine duties and can help improve the effectiveness of the staff. They can teach specialized skills to staff or students.

They can help us in marketing products made by students or help in fundraise. Volunteer advisers can provide expert direction in administration, management, accountancy, research, curriculum, development, programme improvement. Opportunities are endless, only the right attitude, a heart of gold and enthusiasm are required .Or it can be as simple as spending time with a special needs child and becoming his/ her friend and confident.

How to become a volunteer at THENDREL Vidyalaya

Persons can meet Director/Principal personally with handwritten application addressed to Director THENDREL Vidyalaya along with resume. Prior appointment can be taken on email siwatrust@gmail.com, phone 96008 21004

Flexibility of Timings

Volunteers can provide their services on days and time convenient them; however these have to be within the working hours of THENDREL Vidyalaya . A fixed schedule for the volunteer's involvement has to be worked out. THENDREL Vidyalaya will provide training for how to relate to, help and support individual's with special needs.

Volunteer working full time can be offered an honorarium.

Since its inception THENDREL has touched the lives of thousand of special needs individuals. THENDREL rehabilitative services have been availed by children with autism from all over India and all socio-economic backgrounds. Children from economically deprived sections of society are provided services free of cost. To enable THENDREL to continue to expand its programmes of special education, therapeutic interventions and vocational training for the children with autism whose number is still large in and around the city and much larger in the villages and other parts of the country, it is humbly requested to kindly donate generously for the noble cause.